Our Fees

Our Fees


At the outset of any piece of work we will provide you with details of the basis upon which you will be charged for all work carried out on your behalf including, where applicable, details of our hourly rate or confirmation of a fixed fee.

Where we are not able to provide you with a fixed fee, all work will be charged on the basis of time spent on the work and will take account of the level of specialised knowledge required. It will also take account of the length, number and importance of any documents which need to be prepared or read, the place and circumstances in which the work is done, the urgency of the case and the amount of money or value of any property involved.

In certain circumstances we may require you to make a payment to account in advance of carrying out any work on your behalf.

You may be eligible for Legal Aid. We are registered with the Scottish Legal Aid Board to provide both criminal and civil legal assistance.


Please contact us on 01776 702 561 or mailbox@ferguson-company.co.uk for more information.


To check your financial eligibility you can visit www.slab.org.uk.